Lobster Year Round!

There numerous restaurants in Boothbay that serve lobster, but there are also several places in town where you can buy lobster year-round to eat at home.  Pinkham’s is my usual go-to place. Last time I picked up lobster here it was $6.75/pound. Afraid of boiling the critters yourself? I admit, I can’t do it either. Pinkham’s […]


New Favorite Boothbay Harbor Shops

I have a couple of new favorite shops in the harbor!  TidePools (10 Commercial St.) is fairly new in the harbor and the concept is new as well. It’s a shared retail space, with a little bit of everything. It’s a great place for souvenir and local crafts shopping and the back houses some antiques. Attached […]

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A Trader Joe’s French Wine Tasting

As many of you know, I keep a blog called Paris Weekender on Paris and European travel that also links to my Paris vacation rental.  I just added a post on my favorite French wines from Trader Joe’s that may be helpful for those of you traveling to and from Boothbay. The Trader Joe’s in Portland […]

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Congrats to Two Salty Dogs!

Our friends and neighbors at Two Salty Dogs have won the title of best pet store in Maine once again! It’s a great little shop for picking up a Maine souvenir for your favorite furry friend. But don’t take my word for it. Ask my friends and frequent Two Salty Dogs shoppers: That was a […]


Snow in Boothbay!

We’ve had quite a lot of snow up in Boothbay these last couple of weeks, but nonetheless, more and more shops and restaurants are staying open year round. I was in Boothbay Harbor this past weekend, enjoying the warmth from the fireplace as I watched the mini icebergs float past the living room window! On […]


48 Hours in Boothbay

Maine Magazine just came out with an article on 48 Hours in Boothbay Harbor. There are some good tips in here! Do you recognize the scene in the photo labeled “Boothbay Harbor” under the Friday timeline? Hint–here’s a photo I took from the Portside deck:


Thanksgiving in Boothbay

When I learned that I would be back in the U.S. for Thanksgiving this year, I immediately suggested that we spend the holiday in Maine.  My family was easily convinced.  I do miss the excitement of the summer months—the kayaking, the boat trips, the outdoor dining.  But there is something wonderful about Boothbay in the […]