A Camden Christmas

A Camden Christmas


Yoga & Massage in Boothbay

Yoga and Massage in Boothbay Harbor


Painting Classes in Boothbay

Earlier this year I wrote about local photographer Robert Mitchell and the photography classes/outings he is offering for my guests. There are also several options for painting classes in Boothbay. Rocktide Inn hosts a painting class, which I am told is “lots of fun” and is usually held on Thursdays from 1pm-4pm throughout the summer. […]


Cooking Classes at Eventide

This winter, while spending some time in Boothbay, I signed up for a cooking class with Eventide’s chef extraordinaire, Kim Martin. Eventide is a shop in the center of the Harbor, overlooking Commercial Street, with its entrance just across from Enchantments. It’s a specialty food shop (offering many olive oils and vinegars but also numerous […]

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