More Boothbay Restaurants

I had the chance to try a few new restaurants in town on recent visits. I've added these to my full restaurant recommendations list as well.

WavesChowder to go from Waves - yum!

  • Waves is at 43 Commercial St. where the old Ebbtide used to be. For Ebbtide fans, you'll be happy to know that the traditional booths are still there and Waves is an excellent spot for breakfast or lunch (they don't serve dinner). Portions are large and the service friendly.
  • Fisherman's Wharf is not your usual hotel restaurant. The menu is much more creative (yet slightly less expensive than some others) and the chef has won several awards. They have a good selection of Maine microbrews and of course a waterside dining room and outdoor seating as well. Everything on the menu looked intriguing; I had the Salmon Wellington and it was delicious (though way too big of a portion!) The chowder was also excellent.
  • The Watershed Tavern at the Boothbay Craft Brewery is just past Boothbay center off Route 27. The atmosphere is cozy and delightful and the menu has been expanding recently. I think it's my favorite chowder in town (it has a bit of a kick to it) and the beers are great and as local as you can get!
  • The Linekin Bay Resort was renovated and recently reopened. They have a wonderful waterside setting and large deck that are great if you're craving a quiet afternoon or evening. No promises, but if you bring your swimsuit and a towel, they may even let diners use the pool that's intended for overnight guests. See my friend Karen Watterson's review for Eat Maine for more details on the dining experience.
  • Bogie's at the Spruce Point Inn is the more casual of Spruce Point's indoor restaurants (they also have a lunchtime only outdoor grill). It's a spacious and welcoming setting and the food is top notch.
  • The Carriage House on the Ocean Point Road in East Boothbay recently reopened after being closed for 15 or so years. The chowder is great and the upstairs boat bar is a sight to see.
  • Rocktide has a more modern bar area and a great waterside deck with views across the harbor to the main part of town. Their menu is a bit more creative than the usual hotel fare. I had the lobster poached in champagne, which I would definitely order again!

And there are still others! If you're wondering why I have not mentioned the new Harborside Tavern (where Andrew's Harborside used to be), I just haven't gotten around to trying it yet! I'm also looking forward to trying Karen's Hideaway, the fancier of Spruce Point's restaurants and Cod's Head soon. And of course the new Thistle Inn when it reopens, hopefully next month!


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