Boothbay Festival of Lights

A couple of days ago, I posted something on the Gardens Aglow at the Botanical Gardens.

folThe Smiling Cow and Gimbel's

I wanted to also share some photos from the Festival of Lights in town.

fol-3Admiral's Quarters Inn

Of course, one of the highlights of the holiday festivities in Boothbay is the boat parade.


I had the good luck of being able to join the boat parade this year, aboard the Avelinda.


We had a beautiful evening for the parade.


It started out a clear night, though we got a little snowshower towards the end!


I wasn't expecting to be out on a boat on a December evening!


I think everyone in town agrees that all the lights have made Boothbay a very festive place this holiday season.

Hopefully the Festival of Lights will continue and will grow in coming years!

fol-5The Novelty

fol-4Tugboat Inn

fol-2Captain Sawyer's B&B

fol-6Eventide specialty foods shop

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