The River Link Trail

While the Boothbay region has many miles of trails on its numerous conversation land parcels, there are no longer distance trails... until now!

The River Link trail was completed recently and runs from a small parking lot on the north side of McKay Road (near the Boothbay/Edgcomb line) to the Dodge Point Preserve in Newcastle. The plan is to eventually extend it south to Zak Preserve.

The trail runs 5 miles. You can spot cars, or make it a 10-mile hike or run--or ski!--round trip. Here is a map of the trail, or you can find a printable version here.

 The trail is wooded, but you can extend your hike up to 5.5 miles and add some coastal scenery by exploring Dodge Point as well.

If you enjoy the trails of the Boothbay region, please consider donating to the Boothbay Region Land Trust!


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